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Axisbase 1

Cost: Axisbase 1 is licensed at no cost. This is not an evaluation or limited version; it is the full product.

System requirements: Windows XP or later, with .NET Framework 4.0 or later. (Get it here.)

Install instructions:
Release notes Release notes for all versions
Axisbase1Installer_20110103.exe Windows installer, as of 2011-JAN-3. Recommended version.
Axisbase1Installer_20091023.exe Windows installer, as of 2009-OCT-23. This is the last version that works with .NET 2.0; later versions required .NET 4.0.
Axisbase1Installer_20090808.exe Windows installer, as of 2009-AUG-8. Vista compatible.
Axisbase1Installer_20080303.exe Windows installer, as of 2008-MAR-3. This and prior versions are not 100% Vista compatible.
Axisbase1Installer_20071011.exe Windows installer, first production release as of 2007-OCT-11

Axisbase 1 Sample Databases

File Level Description
TETRA.axis1 Very Simple Inventory of supplies for a chemistry lab. Demonstrates use of display types for a very simple application.
ELK.axis1 Simple Log of flights made by a pilot. Demonstrates display types, using multiple filters, using a list in a report, and summary reports. (Data has been truncated and modified to protect identities.)
FLY.axis1 Simple Bug tracking database. Demonstrates mailmerge, counters.
EAGLE.axis1 Complex
Web/office combined database for a jeweler. This database drives a web site (web code not included here), and manages inventory, customers, and sales. The jeweler can enter items and they instantly display on the web site; when the items are sold, they are removed from the site. Photos are handled as one of the database fields, so no special code is required for photos. Handles printing mailing labels, wholesale pricing, tracking orders, and sale summary reports. (Data has been truncated and modified to protect identities. Photos have been removed from the sample.)
POPPY.axis1 Complex Charter school student & family database. Demonstrates complex relationships between records (students having multiple households, households having multiple students and multiple parent contacts). Prints mailing labels by teacher or grade. Handles class lists, ad hoc queries, and absences. (Data has been truncated and modified to protect identities.)
FOX.axis1 Complex
Church management database. Demonstrates mailing labels, c# code, bulk emailing to membership, and security with multiple roles. The database shows how to store members as part of households. It also contains building scheduling records: the chuch web site can display the calendar dynamically from the database. (Data has been deleted to protect identities.) Advanced Sample database demonstrating how to plug in external c# code. This example draws graphs. Be sure to read the ReadMe file for instructions on obtaining a required component, and read the related documentation sections on

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